Your privacy is very important to us. Please read the OnceDoc privacy statement, as it describes the types of data we collect from you and your devices("Data") and how we use your data. OnceDoc privacy statement also describes how OnceDoc uses your contents, which is your communications with others, postings or feedback submitted by you to OnceDoc via the services; and the files, photos, documents, audio, digital works and videos that you upload, store or share through the services("Your Content"). The privacy statement describes how the providers use and protect the information they gathered from you. By using the services or agreeing to these terms, you consent to OnceDoc's collection, use and disclosure of Your Content and Data as described in OnceDoc privacy statement.

My of our services allow you to store or share Your Content or receive material from others. We don't claim ownership of Your Content. Your Content remains Your Content and you are responsible for it. a. When you share Your Content with others, you know they may be able to use, store, record, duplicate, broadcast, transmit or show Your Content worldwidely without compensating you. If you don't want others to have that ability, please not use those services to share Your Content. You represent and warrant that for the duration of these Terms, you have(and will have) all the rights necessary for Your Content that is uploaded, stored or shared on or through the services and that the collection, use and retention of Your Content will not violate any or rights of others. OnceDoc cannot be held responsible for Your Content or the material others upload, store or share using the services. b.To the extent necessary to provide the services to you and others, to protect you and the services, and to improve the OnceDoc products and services, you grant OnceDoc a worldwide and royalty-free intellectual property license to use Your Content, for example, to make copies of, retain, transmit, reformat, display and distribute via communication tools Your Contents on the services. If you publish Your Content in areas of the services where it is available broadly online without restriction, Your Content may appear in demonstrations or materials that promote the services. Some of the services are supported by advertising.

  • a. By agreeing to these Terms, you are agreeing that, when using the services, you will follow these rules:
    • i. Don't do anything illegal.
    • ii. Don’t engage in any activity that exploits, harms, or threatens to harm children.
    • iii. Don't send spam. Spam is unwanted or unsolicited bulk email, postings, contact requests, SMS(text messages) or instant messages.
    • iv. Don't publicly display or use the services to share improper contents or materials(involving, for example, nudity, bestiality, pornography, graphic violence and criminal activities)
    • v. Don't engage in false or misleading activities (e.g., asking for money under false pertenses, impersonating someone else, manipulating the services to increase play count, affect rankings, ratings or comments.)
    • vi. Don't circumvent any restrictions on access to or availability of the services.
    • vii. Don't engage in activity that is harmful to you, the services or others,(such as, transmitting virus, stalking, posting terrorist content, communicating hate speech or advocating violence against others).
    • viii. Don't infringe upon the rights of the others(e.g., unauthorized sharing of copyrighted music or other copyrighted material, resale or other distribution of Bing maps, or photographs).
    • ix. Don't engage in any activity that violates the privacy of others.
    • x. Don't help others break these rules.
  • b. Enforcement If you violate these Terms, we may stop providing services to you or we may close your OnceDoc account. We may also block delivery of a communication (like email or instant message) to or from the services in an effort to enforce these Terms or we may remove or refuse to publish Your Content for any reason.