Personalized ERP/OA system based on the unqiue demands of yours

$ 2,999 up
  • Enterprise management software(ERP/OA/Report form) customized development
  • Former engineers from Microsoft(MSN), SAP, Baidu
  • Once developed lifelong service
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Technical support

At present, almost the whole internet industry are in lack of front-end engineers, especially the excell front-end engineers are more valuable than the panda. The front-end quality shapes the first impression of the user and determines whether the user will stay on your website. The appearence of NodeJS unifies of front-end and backup language. Our support bases on JavaScript and covers NoSQL database relevent technology.


Master Html/CSS is the basic requirement of the front-end developer.



JavaScript is the only language to realize front-end interaction, the core of interaction with internet user and their experiences.



Asynchronous non blocking backup runtime environment,Node.JS has extraordinary performance.


Redis is also a non blocking internal storage Key-Value database implemented with C language.